Anti-bump/scratch cap BC07 - EN 812 - A1


Anti-shock/scratch cap EN 812 - A1

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Available colours
  • Yellow (high visibility)
  • Blue
  • White
  • Orange
  • Black

It's a hit and run. Baseball type.
Composed of ABS frame and visor cotton fabric.
The back adjustment with Velcro makes it suitable for most users.
Vents on either side of the cap.
Comfort foam inside.
The cotton fabric can be removed for easy washing.

Frame equipped with comfort foam for user comfort.


Thanks to its technical characteristics, this cap is particularly suitable for work in spaces that can be closed (mechanical workshops, maintenance of green spaces, sports and leisure, industry). But also to protect when your head is bumped or hit by hard, stationary objects with enough force to cause lacerations or other superficial injuries.
Caution: This cap cannot under any circumstances be substituted for the use of a helmet.

  • IN812
Ventilation rings on the sides.
Light and practical - with comfort foam.
Easy adjustment on the back of the equipment.
Suitable for working in areas with low ceilings. In confined spaces. The industry. The garages. Mechanical workshops...
This cap does not protect against the effects of falling or projecting objects or suspended or moving loads.
It should not be used as a replacement for an industrial safety helmet as specified in EN397.
Read the package leaflet carefully before use.
Replace used or damaged equipment.
Box of 60 pieces.
Pack of 10 pieces.
This industrial impact cap has been tested according to the European standard EN812:2012.
It complies with European Directive 89/686/EEC on personal protective equipment.
EC type-examination certificate issued by BSI, notified body No 0086.
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Protect your head with safety caps or crash caps

Protect your head in the workplace with other, not knitted or crocheted of Sekureco. What. You can find a variety of safety caps which offer maximum comfort, versatility and protection against minor cuts, blows and bruises. In Sekureco we have covered this need with our caps helmet. What. Buy them today.

When head protection is needed but the use of a head restraint is not mandatory safety helmet;the use of safety caps to reduce exposure to lacerations and abrasions caused by minor blows to the head. The other, not knitted or crocheted are suitable only for work situations which do not require head protection according to EN standards in Europe or ANSI standards in America.

The other, not knitted or crocheted can be used when protection against side and upper impact is not required.

The safety helmets they're not headgear and do not meet the same OSHA or ANSI/ISEA requirements Z89.1. / And so on and so forth. .What. DO NOT USE headgear for impact or impact protection; for sports or when an ANSI compliant helmet is required.

Approved helmet caps protect workers from blows or scratches on the head

Hitting your head is very dangerous and a sure way to ruin any worker's day and accumulate unnecessary costs. According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics injury study, it yields some very worrying data, indicating that head and neck injuries are the third leading cause of work-related emergency room visits. Not to mention; a head injury is the most expensive injury in terms of workers' compensation; with an average cost of over $85,000.

Most importantly, head injuries can have devastating and deadly consequences for workers and their families.

Finally, it should be pointed out that this article, however, aims to address injuries not necessarily accounted for in the above statistics - countless blows, cuts, scrapes and bruises that might not require a hospital visit, but are still traceable and very easily preventable injuries with the use of headgear. What. Without a doubt, these injuries affect worker productivity, efficiency and comfort.

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