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Work environment
Complete equipment for the work to be performed in any work environment. Components, accessories and complements.
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Everything necessary for work at height, depth and rescue services. Comfort and reliability in products with European Certificates of Conformity.
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Head protection
One of the most important sections. All types of helmets and facial protection to keep your head away from blows, electrical risks, chemicals or other agents.
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Hearing protection
Everything necessary for hearing protection and the equipment necessary for hearing isolation.
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Respiratory protection
Protective equipment necessary to carry out your work safely against lack of oxygen or inhalation of dangerous substances.
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Work clothes
All the necessary clothing for your specific sector. Work uniforms, high visibility, PPE and accessories.
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Work shoes
Essential to carry out your work safely and comfortably. Safety footwear with protection, adhesive and waterproof.
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Work gloves
Necessary to improve grip, dexterity and protection of the hands in different tasks, complying with different safety regulations.
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Workplace Safety Blog

The 3-step guide to respiratory protection

There are many different types of masks and it is essential to select a product that offers adequate protection...
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Work looking through your eyes

The general use sunglasses standard includes specific requirements that solar eyepieces must meet if they are...
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Disposable protective coveralls 3M

In 3M we have a selection of high-quality CE certified products, from simple suits to PPE category III suits, which...
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A new standard of simplicity and reliability in multi-tasking

From the first single gas detector of fixed duration and pioneering in history, to the launch of the first compact,...
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Differences between movable suction equipment

There are different types of mobile filtration apparatus that are adapted to different types of welding and the...
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Beyond spray and fog

In a recent study in the United Kingdom, 70% of spray paint workers interviewed said they lifted the air-breathing...
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Organic solvents

Help reduce your exposure to organic solvents during metalworking manufacturing and production processes.
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This is a risk perception bulletin. Carbon dioxide

It helps to reduce your exposure to carbon dioxide during metal manufacturing and production processes.
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Sekureco Hispania, S.L.
Sekureco Hispania, S.L.
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