Air purifier with H14 AirCO2NTROL HEPA filter (100 m² rooms) KEMPER skrc


KEMPER AirCO2NTROL H14 HEPA filter air purifier. It is an air purification device with a HEPA H14 filter designed for renewal of up to 6 times hours in rooms of 100 m²

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Air purifier with HEPA H14 filter AirCO2NTROL (rooms of 100 m2) KEMPER. Available with UV-C filter.

Plug and play: set it up once and clean the air in the room permanently and without hesitation with the best filtering technology. Thanks to permanent airflow control, AirCO2NTROL ensures a high and reliable air exchange of six times per hour in rooms up to 100 m2 in very quiet continuous operation.

The automatic motion sensor allows worry-free operation without having to think about turning the unit on and off.


  • Control of constant volume flow, independent of filter saturation.
  • On and off by motion sensor.
  • Air exchange six times per hour for up to 100 m2.
  • Large HEPA-H14 filter (filter surface of 20 m2), with more than 99,995% separation of aerosols, viruses and bacteria.
  • Permanent UV-C radiation inactivates viruses and bacteria and ensures no contamination during filter change.
  • Very quiet continuous operation.
  • Entry aperture in all directions 360 360o
  • High mobility with stable spinning wheels, Plug & Play: pre-assembled.
  • Protection against tampering by means of safety closures on maintenance decks.


For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply:.


For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply:
The main filter of the unit is a HEPA H14 (High Efficiency Particulate Air) class filter with a separation efficiency of more than 99,995% and filters all aerosols, viruses and bacteria in the air.

H14 filters are individually tested in a complex test procedure before delivery to determine their watertightness and separation efficiency tested according to DIN EN 1822. This ensures an extremely high level of security.

F7 pre-filter
The class F7 prefilter ensures that coarse particles are separated in advance and that the service life of the HEPA H14 main filter has been significantly extended. This reduces the ongoing costs of replacement filters.

UV-C filter – optional
The UV filter unit uses very short wave, high energy ultraviolet rays to inactivate the virus and bacteria in the intake air and irradiate the main HEPA H14 filter and prefilter. This also allows for a safe, virus-free filter change.

Up to 1500 m3/h extraction capacity
Viruses such as coronavirus can remain active in the air for up to three hours and, through air movement, cover long distances. They're only 80 to 160 nanometers in size.

Air exchange six times per hour ensures that AirCO2NTROL cleans the room air as often as possible and leads to a significant reduction in viral load. Therefore, the risk of infection in the same room is reduced as much as possible.

Depending on the size of your room, you can continuously adjust the KEMPER AirCO2NTROL output between 300 - 1500 m3/h. The unique feature: through permanent control of the volume flow in the unit, the output remains correct and constant even if the saturation of the filter increases. The maximum output of 1500 m3/h allows use in rooms up to 100 m2 or 250 m3 room size.


  • Suitable for training rooms, meeting rooms, changing rooms, gyms, cafes, bars, restaurants and a long etc.
  • Schools, kindergartens and public buildings
  • Hotels, residences and holiday apartments
  • Bars, restaurants and cafes
  • Sports centres and gyms
  • Medical consultations, dentists, physiotherapy
  • Shops, receptions, the industry.


Basic data
Min flow. 300 m3/h
Max flow. 1500 m3/h
Dimensions (An x L x Al) 793 x 720 x 1661 mm
Engine power 0,75 kW
Voltage 1 x 230 V / 50 Hz
Rated current 6TH
Sound level In the case of vehicles of categories M1 and N1
Watt consumption per m3/h 0,3 W/m3/h
Filtration levels 3
Filtration method Disposable filter
Main filter Hepa-H14 filter
Efficiency > 99,995 %
Area of 20 m2
Prefilter ePM1, 50% (F7)
UV radiation UV-C, 27 watts
Sensor Motion sensor
Filtration levels 2 resp. 3
Filtration levels 3
Filtration method Single use filter
Filter surface 20 m2
Type of filter Filtration tape
Degree of filtration > 99.99%
Filter class HePA filter H14
Additional filters ePM1, 50% (F7)


KEMPER is an innovative company and a leader in the sector of smoke extraction technology for metal welding. After more than 40 years of experience in designing these products, our organization has a deep knowledge of the processes in the plants where metals are worked.

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