Particulate filter 2138 for organic vapors and acid gases lower VLA ozone P3R (2 units) 3M


Particulate filter for organic vapours and acid gases lower VLA ozone P3R (2 UTS) 3M

It is sold in multiples of 2 units.

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Particulate filter for organic vapors and acid gases lower VLA ozone P3R (2 units) 3M.

Particle Filters 3M 2138 protect against P3R solid and liquid particles, with additional protection against organic and acid gases and vapors, Ozone up to 10 times the threshold limit value (TLV), or organic vapors or acid gases below the occupational exposure limit (OEL). Suitable for use with other products such as the reusable mask series 3M with bayonet connection.

Sales format: 2 units / boxes of 20 units


The filter 3M 2138 is used in combination with the face pieces of 3M Series 6000, 6500, 7000 and 7500, to which it is attached using a bayonet type connection. It offers respiratory protection against particles (dust, mist and fumes) in category P3.

In addition, and thanks to its active carbon layer, it offers protection against annoying levels of acid gases and organic vapors, this is levels below the environmental limit values (hereinafter VLA) and up to 10 times the VLA for Ozone.


Cartridge or Filter Type
P2 R, P3 R
Product series
2000 series
Filter type
Particle filters
Protection type for gases and vapors
10 x VLA and organic vapors/Acid gases below the VLA, Acid gases, Organic vapors, Solid and liquid particles, Solid and liquid particles. More protection against ozone


  • 2138 Particulate Filters protect against P3R solid and liquid particles, with additional protection against organic and acid gases and vapors, Ozone up to 10 times the Threshold Limit Value (TLV), or organic vapors or acid gases below the occupational exposure limit (OR THE).
  • Compatible with half masks and masks 3M with bayonet connection
  • The bayonet connection of the filters allows for easy installation with just one click.


Suitable for reusable half masks and full masks 3M™ with bayonet type connection

To protect yourself in dangerous environments

This filter can be used for respiratory protection against particles or aerosols up to concentrations of 50 times the VLA if used with a half-mask facepiece, or 200 times the VLA if used with a full mask.

It also offers protection in concentrations below the VLA for organic vapors and acid gases.

Thanks to the active carbon layer, it can also be used in concentrations up to 10 times the TLA for ozone.



The filter 3M 2138, in combination with the face pieces of 3M half mask or full mask, meets the essential safety requirements specified in articles 10 and 11B of the European Directive 89/686/EEC (in Spain R.D. 1407/92).

The product has a CE type certificate granted by the British Standards Institute and is manufactured with the production quality assurance system certified by BSI with respect to the ISO 9002 standard. The product therefore carries the CE marking.


This product has been tested with respect to the European Standard EN 143:2000 + A1:2006, meeting the requirements for category P3. The main tests included in this standard are the following:

  • Penetration through the filter
  • The maximum penetration through the filter should not exceed the value of 0.05% of the test agent (sodium chloride and paraffin oil).
  • Breathing resistance
  • The breathing resistance offered by the filter to the passage of air must be as low as possible, and in no case for category P3 must it exceed the values of 1.2 mbar at 30 l/min and 4.2 mbar at 95 l/min.


The standard specifies the complete information that must appear on the filter packaging: adjustment instructions, usage limits, etc. The EN143:2000 + A1:2006 standard can be obtained from the Spanish Association for Standardization (AENOR).


  1. Check filter identification to ensure filters are appropriate for the application.
  2. Align the filter connection with the bayonet connection on the facepiece. To connect, turn a quarter turn clockwise.

These filters are supplied in pairs of the same type, and must be adjusted, used and replaced at the same time.

Leave the work area immediately, check the condition of the mask and filters, and replace the necessary components if:

  • Some damage is observed.
  • You feel dizzy or sick
  • Irritation occurs
  • Breathing resistance becomes excessive.


  1. As with any other respiratory protective equipment, the user must be trained in the risks, and in the correct use of the equipment.
  2. Always ensure that protective equipment:
    to) It is suitable for work
    b) Fits correctly to the face
    c) It is worn for the entire duration of the exhibition
    d) Replaced when necessary.
  3. This filter, in combination with a facepiece, does not offer protection at concentrations of gases and vapors above the TLA.
  4. Do not use in confined spaces where ventilation is not adequate or where the oxygen concentration is deficient, or may become so during the course of work. (3M oxygen deficiency is considered to be levels below 19.5%).
  5. Do not modify or alter face pieces or filters. Store in original packaging before use.
  6. Use only with face pieces 3M 6000, 6500, 7000 and 7500 series.
  7. If in doubt about the suitability of this product for any application, consult your supervisor or call 3M.
  8. Always check that the filters do not exceed the expiration date.


Selección de filtro 3M correcto


The useful life of filters used in industrial environments depends on factors such as humidity, concentration of contaminant in the environment, temperature, time of use... and must be replaced when resistance to breathing is noticed or the smell or taste of the contaminant is perceived. that is being exposed. Since there are so many work environments, each with its own characteristics, we cannot accurately indicate the durability of the filters.

In general, the useful life of the filters is 5 years from manufacturing, but it is recommended not to use them beyond 6 months from their first use if one of the reasons for their replacement indicated in the previous paragraph has not been met. (The life of an unsealed chemical filter is normally indicated on its label. Once the filter is unsealed, even without using it, it has a maximum duration of 6 months, regardless of the expiration date indicated).


3M it has such diverse solutions that have the appropriate response to each need. And if this is not the case, they work together with the client to develop that new way of doing things. This different way of thinking is shown in the studies developed to find the most optimal product for each organization.

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