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Zueco Suecos It's very relaxing and comfortable. A multi-purpose shoe. Ultra-lightweight. IN 20344:2011,5.10

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We present you with the greatest comfort at an affordable price and now also with anti-static protection.

Depending on the different work environments, some conditions may arise such as very dry air, high temperature, abundant electrical appliances, synthetic clothing and wooden or carpet floors that accumulate static electricity inside the body. If you touch a conductive object, there is an electrical discharge and an uncomfortable sensation occurs in the body.

VITAR now in ANTIESTATIC version, according to IN THE ISO 20344:2011,5.10 which allows the charge to dissipate through them, that is, they are conductors within certain margins. The upper limit prevents electrostatic accumulation, and the lower limit provides protection in case of accidental electrical contact.

VIDARs are the perfect health centre for nurses, for hospitals, health clinics, and for all those people who have to spend many hours standing.
Relaxing and comfortable. A multi-purpose shoe.
Ultralight, reducing muscle strain by up to 66%.
They cushion the weight by providing a relaxing sensation in the feet, knees and back. The holes provide ventilation and prevent overheating of the foot. It has a relief in the template that stimulates blood flow and circulation.
Optional template available.
- Rubber polyolefin base, vinyl ethylene acetate from closed cells of latex-free inert gas.
- Material free from toxic or harmful substances in accordance with current regulations as tested by the German TÜV Institute.
- It complies with REACH requirements.
• Heat resistance
Dry heat: maximum 50 degrees
Humid heat: maximum 50 degrees
• Slip resistance: SRC
• Hydrocarbon resistance: excellent
• Resistance to solvents and detergents: Excellent
• Lactic acid resistance: excellent
• Blood resistance: excellent
• Resistance to atmospheric chemicals: excellent
• Salt water resistance: excellent
• Resistance to ageing: Excellent
• Tensile strength: Excellent
• Recyclable: YES
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Welcome to the Protective Shoe Community! Health issues

We're a small, loving team and we greet you from our virtual home. In this space you will find valuable information about foot health, besides who says that feeling good meant not going to fashion? We're changing the way we look at comfortable shoes into designer shoes and that shows in the shoes healthcare facilities!

Here we bet on healthcare facilities Suecos because they care about your health and we want you to feel it! Spread it to the four winds! In Suecos they are working very hard to achieve the best footwear for professionals and also to keep us informed about the latest foot news!

We hope you'll join us on this adventure and discover the wonderful world of professional footwear It is .

Why Health Shocks Suecos is it good for you?

We all like to look and feel good, but sometimes we put more emphasis on looking good than feeling good Suecos he has made it his mission to achieve the best zueco sanitation including both design and comfort. Most of us don't give our feet the love and care they really need, and we should keep that in mind: they have to carry the weight of our bodies all day! We're sure your feet will appreciate a well-deserved treat from time to time. They also have designs that perfectly combine design and convenience for healthcare facilities.

Health issues Suecos has partnered with top technicians and designers to develop innovative technology to make you and your feet feel rested and relaxed professional footwear other SuecosThe following:

  • Ergonomic design: for increased stability.
  • They absorb weight: they provide a feeling of relaxation in the feet and knees.
  • It fits the foot: When you wear the shoe, it fits the foot.
  • Ultralight: saves muscle work by up to 70%.
  • Extreme softness: for added comfort.
  • Impact resistant: for better protection of the foot.
  • The foot is held firmly: with the rear strap.
  • Antibacterial material: It prevents fungal infections.
  • Design to prevent leakage of liquids: for greater safety.
  • They stimulate the flow and circulation of blood: with a model in one.
  • They leave no marks: they usually protect the soil.
  • Breathable: Ventilation grilles allow air to reach the feet.
  • They don't absorb liquids - they're always dry.
  • Easy to clean: just water and soap.
  • Certified footwear: meet current legal requirements and recommendations.
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