Forest fire extinguisher rubber full or fixed handle aluminum extinguishing forest fires FFB01


Fire extinguisher or shovel extinguishes rubber fires with an aluminum handle used in extinguishing forest fires.

Forest fire extinguishers reinforced with 6 mm synthetic rubber fire extinguisher fabric. (whole mango)

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A fire extinguisher is a tool intended to extinguish fire by suffocation (air displacement), consisting of a metal handle or splinter, terminated in a self-extinguishing rubber spade or blender.

The assembly of the Mango with the Beater or Shovel is perfectly adhered by a process of vulcanization, making the Batefuego a single immovable set.

It's called a nervous beater

  • Self-extinguishing synthetic rubber, 6 mm thick.
  • The entire Beater is reinforced with fabric for increased tear resistance. Critical areas carry double reinforcements.
  • One of the faces is branched to extend life.
  • Increased stiffness
  • Thicker outer edges
  • Internal reinforcement of steel


  • The blender:
    • Width: 250 mm
    • Height: 500 mm
    • Height: 6 mm
  • Full set: aprox.1.995 mm
  • Weight: four pounds.

The handle:

  • Ergonomic, made of rubber, for more comfortable handling


  • Hard aluminum pipe.
  • Does not rust
  • Finished smooth
  • External diameter: 25 mm
  • Inner diameter: 21 mm
  • Exceptional resistance to breakage
  • Recovery at doubling

This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States

It complies with ORDER FYM/510/2013, of 25 June, which regulates the use of fire and establishes preventive measures for the fight against forest fires in Castilla y León.

Essential for starting fires.

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The rubber fire extinguishers FFB01 it is one of the best options on the market for the fire protection, a tool designed to extinguish fires that may originate in a workplace or domestic environment by suffocation, i.e. the air displacement technique. This model consists of a metal handle that ends in a shovel or blender made of self-extinguishing rubber.

The assembly of the handle with the blender is done by a vulcanization process which makes the fire pit be a single immovable whole.

The rubber fire extinguishers FFB01 has dimensions of 250 mm wide, 500 mm high and 6 mm thick in its blender, with a complete set dimension of approximately 1.995 mm and a weight of 1,8 kg. The handle is ergonomic and made of rubber for greater user comfort.

As for the handle, it is made of hard stainless aluminium, with a smooth finish, an outer diameter of 25 mm, an inner diameter of 21 mm, with resistance to breakage and bending recovery.

The fireworks they are very important tools for all those workers in work environments at risk of fire but also for all those people who live or have to move in rural areas, as they make it possible to tackle the onset of a fire immediately. By attacking the front in a direct way, the use of this tool can put out the fire that is forming or the one that has little left to be extinguished. So it's very useful both in fires that are starting and ending.

The great versatility and resistance of this tool focused mainly on its forest use, has made it a key piece for those who live or work in areas at risk of fire.

It is very important to always have the necessary tools in the workplace or at home to be able to respond effectively to an emergency, especially fire fighting, an element which has a high destructive power and which must be acted on quickly and efficiently to avoid significant damage. Having a fire shovel also called rubber fire extinguishers FFB01 in your workplace or at home is always a good choice. We are a manufacturer of fire extinguishers.

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