Telescopic forest fire extinguisher rubber aluminum handle extendable telescopic fire extinguishing FFB02


Wood fireplaces reinforced with fabric 6 mm synthetic rubber fireplaces

The fire extinguisher is a tool designed to extinguish fire by moving air.

Fire shelter with internal steel reinforcement.

Width: 250 mm
Height: 500 mm
Height: 6 mm

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The fire extinguisher is a tool intended to extinguish fire by suffocation (air displacement), consisting of a metal handle or splinter, terminated in a self-extinguishing rubber spade or blender. Fire extinguisher with telescopic handle of hard aluminum, does not rust.

The assembly of the Mango with the Batidor or Blade fire extinguisher is perfectly adhered by a vulcanization process, making the Batefuego a single immovable assembly, without the need for rivets, screws or any other fastening element.

It's called a nervous beater

  • Self-extinguishing synthetic rubber, 6 mm thick.
  • The entire Beater is reinforced with fabric for increased tear resistance. Critical areas carry double reinforcements.
  • One of the faces is branched to extend life.
  • Increased stiffness
  • Thicker outer edges
  • Internal reinforcement of steel


  • Beater beats extensible forest fires:
    • Width: 250 mm
    • Height: 500 mm
    • Height: 6 mm
  • Full set deployed: aprox.1.950 mm
  • Full assembly folded: 1.280 mm
  • Weight: four pounds.

Mango extended fire-extinguishing blade:

  • Hard aluminum pipe.
  • Does not rust
  • Finished smooth
  • External diameter: 30 mm
  • Inner diameter: 25 mm
  • Exceptional resistance to breakage
  • Recovery at doubling
  • This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States

The handle:

  • Ergonomic, made of rubber, for more comfortable handling

It complies with ORDER FYM/510/2013, of 25 June, which regulates the use of fire and establishes preventive measures for the fight against forest fires in Castilla y León.

Essential for starting fires.

I don't know

In all work environments and installations, there should be emergency tools that can be used in the event of a need to extinguish a fire, especially in those work activities where there is a risk of a fire arising from the type of machinery or materials used. On the market there are various fire-fighting devices and others prepared to deal with fire when it is needed telescopic firefighter FFB02.

The telescopic firefighter FFB02 is a tool designed to extinguish fires using the technique of suffocation, that is, the displacement of air. This tool consists of a metal handle that ends in a self-extinguishing rubber shovel or beater, making it a highly recommended item to have in any facility where you carry out work with substances or elements that may be flammable or that may give rise to the appearance of a fire.

The assembly of the handle with the blender or stick is perfectly adhered thanks to a vulcanization process, making the telescopic firefighter FFB02 be a single assembly in which no additional fastening element such as screws or rivets is required.

This particular model, which has a rubber handle to provide a much more comfortable handling by the user, has a frame with dimensions of 250 mm wide x 500 mm high and 6 mm thick, with a total length of the fully unfolded assembly of approximately 1950 mm. Folded, its length is 1280 mm and the total weight is 1,8 kilograms.

The handle, on the other hand, has an outer diameter of 30 mm and an inner diameter of 25 mm, being manufactured in a tube of hard aluminium, stainless steel, with a smooth finish and bending recovery properties and exceptional resistance to breakage.

The nervous blender or shovel of this telescopic firefighter FFB02 is made of fire-retardant synthetic rubber with a thickness of 6 mm. The whole beater is reinforced with a fabric to offer greater resistance to tear, with double reinforcement in critical areas. It offers great rigidity, the outer edges are thicker and have an inner steel reinforcement. We are a manufacturer of fire extinguishers.

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