Protective coverall 4565 against particles, splashes of liquid chemicals and aerosols (CE type 4/5/6) White+Red 3M


Monkey protection against dry particulate matter, splashes of liquid chemicals and aerosols (EC type 4/5/6) White+Red 3M. What. I got it, Cat. 3, Microporous Laminate, Sealed Seams, extra protection and durability.

Manufactured from non-woven bicomponent material with PE laminate and very low fibre detachment with obviously comfortable fall

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Protective coverall against dry particles, liquid chemical splashes and aerosols (CE type 4/5/6) White+Red 3M. Garment  designed to offer ideal protection against hazardous particles, aerosols and limited liquid splashes.

Made of two-component non-woven material with PE lamination and very low fiber shedding, with an evidently comfortable fit.

3-panel hood, double-sided zipper closure and storm flap with sealable tape, with elasticated back and ankles to reduce the risk of skin exposure.


  • Protection against chemical mist, splashes and dust (Type 4/5/6)
  • Protection against radioactive particles
  • Anti-static
  • Biological protection
  • Non-Microporous Laminate Size
  • Sizes: L, M, XL, 2XL
  • White+Red


  • Excellent barrier against dry particles, certain liquid chemical splashes and aerosols (CE type 4/5/6)
  • With sealed seams throughout the garment that increase the level of protection and resistance Biological protection approved according to EN 14126
  • Two-way zipper with fully sealable flap provides greater convenience when taking on and off as well as offering additional protection Three-panel hood design for greater compatibility with other PPE
  • Knitted cuffs and elastic waist and ankles for comfort and freedom of movement Anti-static
  • The protective garment 3M™ 4565 has CE Category III type 4/5/6 protection and boasts a sensational level of liquid barrier protection combined with a unique, soft feel and a form that conforms to the body.


Recommended application
Asbestos inspection, site preparation, insulation, Mixing and handling of chemicals, Clean rooms, Light industrial cleaning, machine maintenance, Paint and coating, resins, Pesticide spraying, Pharmaceutical processing, handling of toxic powder substances
Quantity per pack
3-panel hood, Elastic wrist, Knitted cuff
Additional protection features
Antistatic protection, Biological protection, Protection against radioactive particles
Product color
White, White with red joints
Individual packaging
3-panel hood, Elastic wrist, Knitted cuff
Recommended industry
Laminate, Laminated polyethylene
Clasp type
Two-way zipper
Type of seams
Sewn and sealed
Kind of product
Protective Suit
Risk type
Some limited protection against splashes, sprays and airborne solid particles (type 4, 5 and 6)
Smaller unit for sale


The 4565 protective garment 3M™ has desirable comfort characteristics and provides a strong barrier against some chemicals, liquid aerosols and particles. As it is not microporous, the protective garment 3M 4565 offers chemical protection with proven resistance to permeation; It is also approved in accordance with the EN 14126 standard on infectious agents.

Use protective clothing 3M™ 4565 as a superior barrier against hazardous particles, splashes of some liquids and aerosols up to Type 4. This protective garment 3M 4565 in white has recognizable red stitching and meets various standards for chemical protective clothing, including EN 14126 on infectious agents, EN 1073-2 on resistance against radioactive particles, EN 1149, EN ISO 13688, EN 13034 liquid splash type 6 and EN ISO 13982-1 airborne solid particles type 5 Liquid spray type 4 EN 14605. Taped seams reduce skin exposure points by tearing and reduce the risk of internal leaks from chemicals or particles. The protective garment also offers Til class 2 in contamination by radioactive particles EN1073-2, which means that it has very good resistance to particles, as well as resistance to liquid spray. It is made from a non-microporous PE laminate, meaning it offers chemical protection with proven soak resistance against certain chemicals. Knitted cuffs and elastic waist and ankles make the wearer feel more comfortable and increase freedom of movement, while the material offers a very low level of fiber shedding and reduces environmental pollution. The 3-panel hood design is compatible with additional PPE (personal protective equipment). Two-way zippers and fully sealable flaps reduce the risk of skin exposure and protect from contaminants. This protective garment also has an antistatic treatment according to EN 1149, which reduces static discharge and reduces the risk of sparking and ignition. Wear the garment 3M 4565 offers peace of mind when it comes to safety and security. Therefore, it is an essential resource for workers.


  • Helps provide excellent protection against dust, light liquid splashes, and low-pressure aerosols
  • Taped seams for extra protection
  • Elastic waist and ankles for comfort and freedom of movement
  • Three-panel hood with complementary PPE compatibility
  • Knitted cuffs for comfort
  • Two-way closure with sealable flap
  • Offers protection against certain biological risks
  • Low fiber shedding, anti-static properties and coating on both sides


CE marking under European Directive 89/686/ECC, Category III (in Spain, R. D.1407/1992).

CE certificate issued and Article 11B supervision: SGS United Kingdom, LTD.

Notified Body number: 0120.


Suit: Polypropylene/polyethylene laminated film, white
Closure: Polyester braided nylon
Elastic: Neoprene Rubber
Cuffs: Polyester
Thread: Polyester
Seams: Polypropylene
This product does not contain components made of silicone or natural rubber latex.


Store in original packaging in clean, dry conditions
Store away from: direct sunlight, high temperature sources and solvent vapors
Store in the temperature range -20°C to +25°C and relative humidity less than 80%
The shelf life of the product is three years from the date of manufacture, when stored as indicated
Replace the garment if it is damaged, contaminated or in accordance with your work practices and/or legislation
Handle and dispose of contaminated clothing carefully, following applicable legislation


Particles not dangerous


Gases and Vapors



Liquid splash not dangerous



Splashes of dangerous liquids

Yeah, yeah he chemical is compatible with he material of the suit *

Liquid spray not dangerous


Solvents organic

Yeah, yeah he chemical is compatible with he material of the suit *

Continuous contact with liquids/Immersion


Acids/ Bases

Yeah, yeah he chemical is compatible with he material of the suit*

Fibers and particles dangerous



Liquid spray dangerous



* Contact with 3M either visited for information additional about data of chemical penetration and permeation.

Typical applications may include asbestos handling, spray painting, agriculture, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and healthcare.
A risk assessment should always be carried out. Product information must be read. To ensure the necessary protection, usage limitations and behavioral data must be taken into account. If in doubt, contact a Prevention Technician.

The table below shows the behavior of the product tested under laboratory conditions. It should be noted that tests may not reflect the reality of use or take into account factors such as excessive heat or mechanical wear.

Rehearsal Rule Class**/ Result
Abrasion EN 530 1
Bending break ISO 7854 1
Tear resistance ISO 9073-4 2
Tensile strength ISO 13934-1 1
Puncture resistance EN 863 1
Burst resistance ISO 13938-1 1
Ignition resistance EN 13274-4 Happens
Seam strength EN ISO 13935-2 2
Liquid permeation resistance - 10% NaOH (material) EN 374-3 6
Liquid permeation resistance - 10% NaOH (seams) EN 374-3 6
Liquid repellency - 30% H2SO4 EN ISO 6530 3
Resistance to liquid permeation - 30% H2SO4 EN ISO 6530 3
Liquid repellency - 10% NaOH EN ISO 6530 3
Resistance to liquid penetration - 10% NaOH EN ISO 6530 3
Anti-static treatment on both sides EN 1149-1 Happens
Radioactive particles EN 1073-2 1 of 3
Resistance to penetration of synthetic blood ISO 16603 6
Resistance to the penetration of pathogens into the blood ISO 16604 0
Resistance to penetration of contaminated solid particles EN ISO 22612 3 of 3
Resistance to penetration of contaminated liquid aerosols EN ISO 22611 3 of 3
Resistance to bacterial penetration in wet conditions EN ISO 22610 6

** Class 6 is the maximum, unless otherwise indicated Contact 3M or visit for additional information on chemical penetration and permeation data.


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