SmartFil compact welding fume extraction suction device, regular use KEMPER


SmartFil compact welding fume extraction suction device, regular use

The KEMPER SmartFil suction unit is now also W3 certified.

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SmartFil compact suction apparatus for the extraction of welding fumes, regular use. Increased safety thanks to filter control

SmartFil is a mobile welding fume filtering unit, for regular use in welding with medium amounts of fume and dust. The single-use filter of the extraction unit has a particularly large filter area of 25m2 and is changed completely free of contamination when saturated. SmartFil effectively protects the user from welding fumes and is particularly economical due to its long service life.

2m, 3m and 4m arm (Hose version and tube version available).


  • Certificate W3 - also suitable for chromium-nickel steel
  • 360° rotary suction bell with regulating valve
  • Filter area for replacement: 42 m2
  • Large filtration area
  • Compact and stable design
  • Multi-measured extraction arm.
  • Additional equipment: Optional with new model of suction bell
  • Replacement of safe and pollution-free SCF filter
  • Optional with LED lighting and automatic start/stop system


  • Safe operation due to direction of rotation recognition
  • Less frequent relocation of the suction arm due to the shape of the suction bell
  • Increased safety thanks to filter control
  • Increased safety thanks to pollution-free filter change
  • High profitability thanks to the high capacity and long service life of the filter


  • Moderate amounts of smoke/dust
  • Regular use
  • Variable jobs


Filtration levels 2
Filtration method Single use filter
Filter surface 25 m2
Type of filter Safe change filter
Filter material Polyester film
Degree of filtration > 99.5%
Filter class E12
Additional filters Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product
Basic data
Power 1,100 m3/h
Weight other
Engine 1.5 kW
Voltage 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Rated current 3.1 TO
Control voltage 24 V, DC
Sound level In the case of vehicles of categories M1 and N1
Additional information
Type of fan Centrifuge
Type of suction arm Version with hose
Stop 3 m


  • Repair filter 25 m2 for SmartFil REF: 1090675
  • It shall not affect the validity of any delegated acts already in force
  • REF: 7910302
  • This is the suction bell: 7910300


  • Lighted suction bell for original equipment REF: 79103040
  • Lighted suction cup REF: 79 103 045
  • REF: 94102702
  • REF: 1270091 is not applicable

Double filter capacity at low price: SmartFil sets a new standard in its class

  • New KEMPER system – Price/performance winner in its class
  • Highest possible performance through accessories
  • Round design with SafeChangeFilter for the first time as a basic-level model

Developed for professional welders and yet affordable for newcomers: KEMPER's new SmartFil extraction unit sets a new standard in the extraction of mobile welding fumes for regular welding. Even in the basic version, it is the price/performance winner on devices in its class. At a comparable price level, the SmartFil offers twice the filter surface area and therefore a significantly longer service life compared to similar systems. An even larger replacement filter and other accessories allow welders to further upgrade the extraction unit. Equipped for the first time with a round filter in this class of device, KEMPER has also optimized the design to create a more attractive and rounded look.

The more different the hazard potential, the more different the extraction of welding fumes required: Which extraction unit is suitable for an individual welding application depends on both the duration, the use, and the amount of welding fumes produced. "Our SmartFil now provides an extraction unit for a wide range of hazard intensities, and at the best price/performance ratio", says Bjorn Kemper, CEO of KEMPER GmbH.

Twice as long service life as comparable models

The new extraction unit is available at a price level comparable to other industrial models in the same segment, but has by far the largest storage filter. At 25 square metres, the filter area is in some cases twice as large as similar models. This means that even with basic SmartFil equipment, welders achieve a significantly longer service life compared to conventional models.

And that's not all: welders can further upgrade the SmartFil with optional accessories if necessary. The choice for the replacement filter is between the standard 25-square-meter filter or a storage filter with a 42-square-meter filter surface that again extends the service life accordingly. In addition, the SmartFil can optionally be equipped with an automatic start/stop system and LED lighting on the extraction bell.

Future-proof by upgrading with KEMPER innovations

While the optimised design of the extraction bell on the original equipment already requires less monitoring, the new KEMPER extraction bell available at the end of the year in combination with the new 180 mm extraction arm ensures an even higher catch rate. The SmartFil is already designed for these additional accessories: KEMPERbeats, a Bluetooth speaker to play your own music, an LED strip and integrated volume flow monitoring also make welding work even safer and more enjoyable.

Round instead of square: SmartFil with new design

KEMPER is also setting new standards in terms of design with SmartFil. Like many comparable models, the extraction unit is no longer square but round. This is possible because, for the first time in this class of device, KEMPER has integrated a round storage filter. As part of the casing, welders can easily remove this SafeChangeFilter from the extraction unit. This means that their disposal is completely free of contamination.

Thanks to its mobility and the 360-degree rotating exhaust bell, the compact system can be used flexibly in changing workplaces. The welders gain greater range by integrating longer extraction arms up to four metres into a flexible pipe or hose version. The SmartFil filters more than 99.5 percent of the alveolar dust particles.


KEMPER is an innovative company and a leader in the sector of smoke extraction technology for metal welding. After more than 40 years of experience in designing these products, our organization has a deep knowledge of the processes in the plants where metals are worked.

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