Protective coverall 4515 against dust and light splashes type 5/6 3M


Monkey protection against dust and light splashes type 5/6 4515

Available in white, blue, red and orange
Two-panel hood

Size: S-4XL

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  • Blue
  • White
  • Orange


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Protection against dust and light splashes type 5/6 3M. What. The range of protective clothing 3MTM 4515 are designed to protect against hazardous particles (Type 5) and liquid splashes (Type 6).

They are made of highly breathable nonwoven SMS for effective release of body heat and moisture and reduced heat stress. SMS 50 g/m2 soft and tough for high performance

The garment has a 2-panel hood, 2-way zipper closure and protective lapel with back and elastic ankles to reduce the risk of skin exposure.

The protective suit 3MTM 4515 is an economical solution for protection against exposure to harmful dust, such as asbestos fibres, during site inspections. What. It offers outdoor protection, while the breathable material allows the air inside to escape to reduce heat and make it uncomfortable. Available in white, blue, red and orange, the range offers protection Category III, type 5/6 in accordance with the PPE Directive against both harmful dust and liquid splashes.


  • Mono protection against certain splashes of low level chemical and dust (Type 5/6)
  • Protection against radioactive particles
  • Breathable Size
  • S-4XL
  • Colours - white/blue/red/orange


  • Basic protection against chemical splashes and particulate matter
  • Belt, ankles and elastic wrists for greater comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Double-sided zipper with flap (including tape closures) for added comfort and protection.
  • Available in white, blue, red and orange
  • Two-panel hood
  • Elastic fists, ankles and waist
  • Other, of circular cross-section
  • Containing no latex or silicone components
  • Individually wrapped in a polyethylene bag


CE marking based on the Directive on personal protective equipment (89/686/ECC), in Spain RD 1407/1992, Category III Article 10 Certification: BTTG Testing & Certification Ltd.

Notified body No: 0338

Article 11B Supervision by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. What. Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product


Garment: SMS Polypropylene (available in various colours)

Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product

Elastic: neoprene rubber

Wire: Polyester and cotton


Recommended use

Asbestos Abatement & Inspection, Asbestos Inspection, Site Preparation, Insulation, Coal Dust, Dirt (General), Fertilizer Application (Dry/Granular), Fiberglass/Cellulose Insulation Installation, General Industrial Clean-Up & Processing, General Powder Handling, Lead Abatement - Suggested if working with Heat or Open Flames, Light industrial cleaning, maintenance of machinery, Light cleaning, storage, concierge, Lime Handling, Metal Partical (Chromium, Beryllium, etc.), Metal polishing, Mold Remediation/Molds, Non-Hazardous Spores Aerosols (Sular), Non-Hazardous Liquids, Pesticide Application (Dry/Gran


Hood with 2 panels, elastic fist, elastic wrist, elastic belt and ankles, protection against radioactive particles

Additional protection features

Anti-static protection, protection against radioactive particles

Product colour

Blue, white


Individual packaging


Hood with 2 panels, elastic fist, elastic wrist, belt and elastic ankles

Recommended industry

Food safety, general manufacturing, mining

Marketing of NPVI

I did


Based on SMS

Main material


This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the system, BAT is to use one of the following techniques:

Product series

4515, Food industry



Type of closure

Two-way zipper

Type of seams


Type of product

Disposable garment, protective suit, types 5 and 6

Type of risk

Some limited protection against solid air particles and splashes (types 5 and 6), Dust, Light splashes of liquids, Particles


  • Protective clothing of type 5/6 designed to protect against dangerous dusts such as asbestos fibres
  • Made of highly breathable non-woven SMS for effective release of body heat and moisture and reduced heat stress
  • SMS 50 g/m2 soft and tough for high performance
  • 2-panel cap, 2-way zipper closure and protective lapel with back and elastic ankles to reduce the risk of skin exposure
  • Hazardous dust and splashes from some liquids CE Cat III type 5/6
  • Retention of nuclear particles according to EN 1073-2

Protective clothing 4515 of 3MTM is a durable 50 g/m2 SMS protective garment with excellent breathability and comfort, meaning it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time and improves productivity. CE certified, protects against toxic dust of type 5, liquid splashes of type 6 and nuclear particles according to EN 1073-2. An inexpensive solution available in a wide variety of colours to aid in identification and zoning.

Use the protective clothing 3MTM 4515 for EC certified protection against workplace hazards including toxic dust, splashes and radioactive particles. It complies with several standards for protective clothing against chemical substances, including EN 1073-2 on resistance to radioactive particles, EN ISO 13688, EN 13034 on liquid splashes type 6 and EN ISO 13982-1 on suspended solid particles in air type 5. It's made of SMS, which is a layer of direct thread on the inside and outside and a layer of molten and extruded material in the middle. The direct spun material offers smoothness, strength and splash protection, while the layers of molten material form an intricate nonwoven network of microfibers that filter dry particles. Suitable for particle or fibre based applications such as asbestos removal or cement manufacturing. The material is resistant, 50 g/m2 and offers better tear resistance to increase service life and user confidence in performance. It is made of a highly breathable material that effectively releases heat and moisture from the body during use. The garment features a 2-panel hood, two-way zipper closure and elastic fists, waist and ankles that improve comfort and make it easier to put on and take off.


The appropriate size should be selected for each worker so as to allow sufficient movement to perform the task while maintaining a safe fit.



S 64 – 67 in

164 – 170 cm


84 – 92 cm

M 66 – 69 in

167 – 176 cm

36 – 39 in

92 – 100 cm

I Other in

174 – 181 cm

39 – 43

100 – 108 cm

XL 70 – 74 in

179 – 187 cm

43 45 45 in

108 115 115 cm

OTHER 73 – 76 in

186 – 194 cm

45 – 49 in

115 – 124 cm

3XL 76 – 78 in

194 – 200 cm

49 – 52 in

124 – 132 cm

4XL 78 81 81 in

200 – 206 cm

52 55 55 in

132 – 140 cm


Typical applications may include: asbestos zone inspection, coal dust power plants, metal polishing, light cleaning and killing tasks, maintenance of machines or vehicles, pharmaceutical processes, general cleaning in industry, woodworking, general handling of powdery products and food processing. In all cases, an assessment should be carried out

of risks. Always read the instructions carefully. The limitations of the product should be considered in carrying out the assessment as well as the levels of protection needed. If in doubt, consult a prevention specialist.

Non-hazardous particles

Yes , I did

Splashes of dangerous liquids

Yes, provided the chemical is

compatible with the material†

Splashes of liquid no dangerous

Yes , I did

Splashes of high level/Spray liquid

No, not at all

Hazardous particles and fibres

Yes , I did

Organic solvents

No, not at all

Continuous contact with liquid/


No, not at all

Acids and alkalis

Yes, provided the chemical is

compatible with the material†

Gases and vapours

No, not at all

† The chemical products used to test and certify this product are included in the instructions for use. For further information and chemical penetration, please contact 3M.

Testing The test shall be carried out in accordance with the following procedure: Class/
Abrasion resistance (visual rating) IN 530:1994 Class 1
Breaking by bending (visual test) IT IS 7854:1995 Class 5
Resistance ripped IT IS 9073-4:1997 Class 2
Stretch resistance IT IS 13934-1:1999 Class 1
Puncture resistance IN 863:1995 Class 1
Blast resistance IT IS 13938-1:1999 Class 3
Resistance to ignition IN 13274-4:2001 Come on in
Strength of seams IN THE ISO 13935-2:1999 Class 3
For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply: IN ACCORDANCE WITH ISO 6530:2005 Class 3 of 3
Resistance to penetration by liquids– IN ACCORDANCE WITH ISO 6530:2005 Class 3 of 3
30% OF H2SO4
Liquid repellent 10% 10% of NaOH IN ACCORDANCE WITH ISO 6530:2005 Class 3 of 3
Resistance to penetration of liquids IN ACCORDANCE WITH ISO 6530:2005 Class 3 of 3
10% NaOH
Radioactive particulate matter IN 1073-2:2002 Class 1 of 3

This product has a shelf life of approx. 2-3 weeks.


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